Corporate Social Responsibility

Why do Volunteers QUIT?

Volunteers are unpaid temporary/ part time employees of NGOs. It is the passion and zeal to do something good for the social good of the country that individuals come forward to volunteer for a cause that they support. The idea to make even a minor difference through their efforts is what motivates them to take […]

Volunteer Overseas Volunteering

Volunteering in NIGERIA !

The Beginning After seriously considering the decision of applying for VSO, it was an interesting journey right from writing an application to VSO to all the way until my placement in Nigeria ended. The interviews, assessment day, ‘preparing for change’ sessions etc. was a unique set of experiences. Based on my expertise and past experience, […]

Impact Volunteering Volunteering in India

Calling HR professionals : Volunteer for Impact !

Your skills can definitely change lives. So if you are a HR professional and have skills in the following areas and you want to volunteer then do fill in this form  and let us know. We will get back to you with some exciting ways in which you can share and sharpen your skills and at […]

Impact Volunteering Volunteering Volunteering in India

Volunteering to Impact

Whether you are a home maker, an entrepreneur, a working professional or student looking to power social change, step up and volunteer because your skills can change lives. Register here Non-Profits looking for help in one or more of these areas may write in to us at

Volunteering Volunteering in India

Celebrate, reward and promote volunteering in India

The first ever iVolunteer Awards ceremony was held in Mumbai on April 8, 2013. The awards identify the champions leading the volunteering movement in India, recognize the contribution of volunteers and organisations that enable volunteering; and aim to celebrate, reward and promote volunteering in India. Nandita Das, Actor Director with a fiery passion for social change was Guest […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Volunteering

Post Office was never so exciting and informative:)

Get a call on Thursday night at 9, from my super enthu Kiran saying “Aare urgent requirement hain, mail bheja hai, event hai with VI candidates and we need 10-15 volunteers and we will help them know about post office and how to post letters” Letters… Writing letters has always been close to my heart […]

Employee Volunteering Volunteering Volunteering in India

Not just another training

One of the challenges of working with professionals with lots of skills to contribute is that they are very busy and typically don’t have lots of time at hand. However they have a great desire to contribute meaningfully and more than the regular teach kids, clean streets kinds of volunteering opportunities. This led iVolunteer to create […]